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Find local or international services providers and communicate with them instantly. Ubriko will locate new opportunities and help you get it touch with your personal network and your community. Explore and share opportunities oriented towards your interest.


Barber in the city

The classic neighbourhood barbershop is alive and well. Barber shops have grown in number and continue to cultivate the cool-factor. With the increasing crop of young barbers offering style-conscious men carefully-done fades and just-sculpted-enough facial hair, you’re covered. If you're not willing to give up that time-honoured tradition of cheap cuts from a familiar face in a boisterous, chatter-filled atmosphere, fear not: Hit up Ubriko for your local barbershop.

The handyman near you

Handymen perform maintenance and repair activities on different commercial and residential buildings.Finding a talented and trustworthy entrepreneur for your home repairs or renovation projects also requires skills. Übriko is the perfect tool to help you find the right person for the job

General help

Sometimes we feel that everything is falling apart. Well... Übriko is a network of entrepreneurs ready to offer a helping hand.

The Yoga Instructor

She's classy, she's graceful, but most of all she can stretch the hell out of you ! Sophie Maurice is our Ubriko Entrepreneur of the month December.

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community relationships

Establishing a positive relationship between you and your surrounding community plays a crucial role in the success of business and professional career.

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ÜMESSAGE , our messaging system provides an easy way to communicate with your partners and businesses available.

Real time Statistics

Statistic can be eye opening. Real time information will help you measure your outreach within your community.

Lead generation

Turn your mobile marketing campaign into champagne with our rewards program.


Big or small , all projects require planification. Ubriko is the perfect place to browse and communicate directly with skillful candidates for your business or personal projects.


We are the new way of connecting with with your community.

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